The Future of Culture is a Web of Cooperative Economies

As excessive capitalist systems and modern computers meet their limitations, many desire a new operating system for both. The pull is clear (it felt like half of the articles in a recent Bloomberg magazine mention the blockchain). Although many see the blockchain as inherently arbitrary, the primary emphasis is the web of connections it’s able to catalyze.

Ethereum has been called The World Computer. Social systems rooted on this network will become the global shared brain. Scientists are currently mapping neurons in the brain to determine the cartography of consciousness. How does information travel, how are fluid connections created? This research is being translated into creating more efficient computers.

In the next iteration of the Internet the networks between computers become more interconnected. Information will burn new pathways according to the path of least resistance. These automatic flows of consensus will break up the too few concentrations of power and resources. Designing infrastructure that is as open and as shared as possible will promote this organic development.

The future is not the next iPhone App, the evolution of the web browser, or even an intelligent robot. Its an interconnected global community empowered by technology. The transparent ledger of the blockchain provides the necessary infrastructure for cryptographically-secure and user-controlled online persistent identity. It allows us to interweave a reputation layer into the fabric of the Internet that transcends individual apps and companies that build them. Each person can now understand the self as part of ever-evolving community networks that comprise a greater ecosystem.

Liquid institutions will pop-up as needed and dissolve once their purpose is fulfilled. No excess resources are consumed along the way. It forms a web of cooperative economies that can reach a global consensus at the speed of the Ethereum network. It activates the potential to achieve mass scale collective action in any given moment.

The compass to the not so distant future lies in the ability to embody it. By aligning around this shared vision, it will become clear what to build, and how to build it, in every instant.

The future is for everyone, but only if we build it that way.