Allow me to introduce -- CommunityOS

If someone wants to make an announcement to the world, they have every opportunity to. They can tell twitter, they can tell facebook, they can make a snapchat, post onto instagram. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

But where the possibilities end is in the connection. How can you guarantee that the right people will see what you would like them to see? For example, I’m looking for a ride from NYC to DC. How do I touch technology correctly so that the right people get that message? I’d argue that the internet algorithmically, isn’t that helpful to us. We can post all we want, but the ability to search through those posts meaningfully is not effective. The right person is unlikely to see that post, and I’m likely left stranded.

We’re looking at this connection problem with farmers.

Farmers barter. Because the bottom line ($$) for farmers is so minute, to accomplish what they need to accomplish, they cannot rely on money. Instead, they barter. They trade. This form of trade is limited to your network that you speak in person to, phone call, and email. Social media plays a limited role, not just for the search problem described above, but also because farmers do not have time.

Time. Time is of substantial value to all people. We can improve our use of technology with a better understanding of time. There are few technologists looking at this problem critically — — Tristan Harris is one of them. The goal is to add value to peoples LIVES through better time use of the technology. Instead of making peoples use of technology better, let’s let the technology make our lives better. With this principle in mind, we design. We design for community. We design for connection.

Hopefully soon instead of searching 100 different airbnb-esque, crowd sourcing platforms, we all input what we have to share, and can search and connect easily in one place. We input this in a meaningful, searchable way. We input it community by community, until we understand all the overlaps. Each time it’s done meaningfully, inputing our resources for exchange will enrich our community connection and in return, our lives. With privacy in mind, blockchain technology is employed for the construction of this project.

This is the basis for the system being designed by a community in Sullivan county — as translated by myself and my friend Ashley Taylor (cybnography).

Because how we decide as a community to touch technology is so important, let’s make sure we do it right, with intention. It’ll all start with:

— CommunityOS —

--Louisa's Medium post here