NYC Join us July 18 for a Meetup on Digital Identity for Circular Economy

In anticipation of the Digital Identity Working Sessions at MIT Media Lab on July 24, Future Culture is hosting a NYC meetup for those interested in a fair and sustainable implementation of blockchain technologies in service of a more verdant world. 

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-Circular Economy + Blockchain : 

Blockchain holds the potential to be a powerful accounting system, especially for positive environmental and human impact, things that money has trouble measuring today.

-NYC Pilot Project

Overview of how Future Culture proposes to demonstrate the capabilities of blockchain for accelerating a transition to a circular economy.

-Why Truly Decentralized Digital Identity is Key

It has become imperative to focus on digital identity because the popular and primary existing identity projects, both blockchain and without, are using a status quo business model that concentrates the value and decision making with few individuals rather than distributing it.   

-Formation of Working Group of Digital Identity Makers

In order to preserve the decentralized capabilities of encrypted digital ledger technologies, Future Culture is currently striving to educate and help facilitate implementation of a digital sovereign identity protocol. If you are interested in joining the working group we will discuss the path forward. Future Culture is a nonprofit partnership on a mission for cooperative evolution.