Why empire

A Future Culture role model because their business model relies more on connection and straight up love than it does on $$ -- #crewbeforecash


We just want to back people up.
— Tyler, one of the four members of Why Empire.

Entrepreneurial fervor has struck a chord in our current culture. While many are motivated by money and fame alone, many are not.  But could there really exist a sustainable company that moves beyond profit-seeking to spreading inspiration instead?

An LLC of this mold is Why Empire. They focus on inspiring collaborations, enabling others to realize their own creative passions, and creating a community of doers. They also seem to embody a solution to the concentration of social, financial, and intellectual capital in very small pockets of society.

Longtime friends Tyler, Aiden, James, and Harrison grew up together in New York City and started the collective.  They throw showcase events, produce albums, facilitate collaborations, and catalyze connections through their intersecting webs of people and interests. At least a year old with a dozen events under their belt, their organically constructed LLC is an ever evolving community, generated in and around each production.

In reaction to the soulless bombardment of Facebook event invitations and boring nights out that left them starved for inspiration, they crafted a different model. The more collaborative an event, the more motivated they are to produce it. Success does not look like a big paycheck. Instead it is a condition of the journey. Was it fun? Fulfilling? Are people inspired?

Whether they're in their studio with an artist, showcasing new artists in a backyard in Brooklyn, or cultivating an art event series at a luxury hotel, these guys seem to understand one thing exceptionally well -- how to create magic through the employment of strength based communities.  

Their productions are always a partnered effort with all parties involved. Their collaborative spirit shines through during the interview. It’s hard to tell where one of them ends and the others begin, giving rise to the constantly evolving communal identity of Why Empire.

Inspired by hip hop culture, they emphasize the crew over the self. You don't rise alone, you lift as you grow. Dropping their individual egos, they demonstrate how true happiness is only possible within community.

You can call it guilt, pressure or responsibility, but when it comes down to it, these four had the ability and the gumption to do something different. To share what they were given in order to grow a community of artists, with the understanding that true joy comes from giving.

For now they work side jobs while the collective continues to grow. While it would be nice to sustain themselves while they keep doing what they love, their current happiness is still worth it regardless of the outcome.

In a society where time and money are facing off, lifestyle takes center stage. While it's not unusual for young people to stray away from typical corporate jobs to create their own companies, these slightly more fun startups are still subject to the aggressive pursuit of money over personal values. And without the financial capital to take risks or to sacrifice income, the creative entrepreneurial path is still impossible for many.   

Yet we anticipate more groups like Why Empire will emerge that pursue a lifestyle of happiness instead of monetary acquisition. They embody a future cultural shift toward fluid income strategies.  In the future, money will not rule. As friendships, reputation, and employment continue to intersect, life will increasingly become again an artistic endeavor.